About us

Motivation Behind This Platform
The Internet is an outstanding platform for users across the globe to acquire information of all sorts in a matter of seconds. It is a brilliantly designed network that keeps you connected to the rest of the world irrespective of your physical location. In other words, it has shrinked the entire globe within your Computing Device.
But, here is a word of caution. This enormously useful platform has got its share of pitfalls. In order to conveniently access all the information and knowledge that this source has to offer, users get an exceptionally beneficial tool called Web/ Internet Search Engine. This Internet-based tool is an efficient software system designed to assist you in searching the vast territories of the World Wide Web for the desired information in a systematic manner. In other words, it is a gateway that leads you to the exact space that holds the required information. In this way, a Search Engine filters out the entire Internet to offer you information that matches the desired Search.
As such, you get what is required. This may sound extremely simple and convenient. But, the entire process is very complex and intricately designed in a way that leads you to the specific search results. In other words, various information sources like websites compete to gain preference on these Search Engines to influence your choices. This strategy is particularly used for selling products and services over the internet. All this is made possible by tracking, gathering and analysing your Private Information like Search Patterns, Preferences, Age, Gender, Contact Details etc. In fact, it has become a dominant trend for businesses and organizations to collect these Personal Details to leverage their marketing strategies and efforts. They constantly ran after these information which they refer to as Big Data. All this is made possible majorly by means of your favourite Search Engine.

What We Do?
So, does that mean you will have to compromise your Privacy for harnessing the benefits of this wonderful space called the World Wide Web?
The answer is absolutely No. In order to give you the best of both the worlds, we came up with an ingeniously crafted portal called “ijfind.com”. It is an efficiently designed, laser-sharp solution for all your Internet Search Requirements which has unbeatable safety parameters to keep your Personal Information fully secure.

Who We Are?
“Ijfind.com” is a user-centric Internet Search Platform that has been developed and managed. We are a leading Brand Management and Marketing Solutions provider based out of New Delhi, India. We have a proven track record of delivering world class digital solutions for businesses and consumers alike. As a pioneer in providing innovative Internet based solutions, we are committed to create a secure and productive digital space for our users.
We constantly strive to offer the intuitive, performance-driven and fully protected tools for the benefit of our users. With this aim in mind, we have developed another solution by the name “ijfind.com”.